Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome from the yarnaholic!

Welcome to my blog!  First, let me apologize now for any spelling and grammar mistakes there may be on this blog.  I am by no means a professional writer...but I do try my best.  If you know me, you know that I am a craftaholic.  I enjoy doing most crafty and domesticated things.  I am a jack of many crafts, but master of few.  I am notorious for starting projects and putting them aside when I get bored, just to start another project.  I'm also a yarnaholic.  There.  I said it.  I'm a yarnaholic.  The size of my yarn stash is obscene...but I just can't help myself.  When I walk into a yarn store and see all of that beautiful fiber, I need it.  I look at all of the different colors, textures, and fibers and imagine all of these different projects I could make from them.  I select my favorites with this imagined pattern in mind, and then I make my purchase.  I bring the yarn home, and carefully add it to my yarn stash (which currently lives in the basement since we moved last summer).  There it stays until (if ever) I get around to starting the intended project.  Sometimes I actually start the project right away, but a few weeks later I'm bored and the project gets put aside for a quicker project...or at least until I'm interested in the project again.

My hope for this blog is to keep me motivated to finish some of these set aside projects, and to also keep me motivated to finish when I start a new one.  Having two young kids doesn't leave me much time to craft, but I really need to make the time.  Crafting is my release, particularly knitting.  If I'm stressed, I can just start knitting and a short time later I start to feel more relaxed and less stressed.  I'm hoping this blog will give me the push I need to make that time for myself, and to finish my projects.  I look forward to sharing my projects and progress...wish me luck!  BTW---I'll post a picture of the obscene yarn stash soon, I promise.